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Order Courseware

  1. Log into Scaled Agile Training (SAA) and proceed to the SPCT-Only area under the Members menu. 

    Here you have two options depending on your intention: 

    Order your SPC Kits, or;
    • Order all other courseware (Leading SAFe, SAFe ScrumXP, etc.)

    Either way you choose, click one of appropriate order icon, and then click through the licensing agreement. (Both order icons are also below for your convenience.)
  1. The licensing agreement says many things, but most importantly, you may not distribute, disclose, or modify unlicensed copies of the courseware. Also, training material can be distributed to the attendees in hard copy form - 2-up B&W version only. If you distribute a PDF (2-up B&W), you must notify them in writing that it is for their personal use and that they cannot distribute it without written approval from Scaled Agile, Inc.

  2. Once SAA receives your purchase, we send you a link via Hightail to download the courseware purchased.

    NOTE: This requires you to sign up for a free 'Lite' account at It will take you less than 10 seconds. 

Register Your Course for Certification

  1. Leading SAFe (SAFe Agilist – SA) and SAFe ScrumXP (SAFe Practitioner – SP) courseware kits includes a roster in Excel.  Fill this out with name, email, company and titles

    It’s crucial names and emails are 100% correct.  Login credentials and communications with attendees are copy and pasted from this file. 

  2. Now, for each person you are delivering the course to, purchase the same number of licenses.  Each person exposed to the courseware is required to have a corresponding license, regardless if they will sit for the certification exam.  You’ll receive a return email receipt for this purchase.

  3. Forward the receipt email with the Excel roster of your class – this ties your class to the purchase and closes that loop for tracking. 

  4. SAA then processes your attendees, we assign login credentials and passwords for each individual.
  5. These couple steps can happen the first day of class, a week before or after, so long as expectations are set to when the exam links will be emailed and the 10 day window starts. 

Exam Administration


  1. SAA will provision the exam and feedback survey links to the SPCT in an email template (Word doc) within 48 hours of roster submittal. 

  2. The SPCT will email the template with links to their attendees.   If there is a foreseen issue with emailing the exam links the day after class, the window can be adjusted. 

  3. The SA/SP exam is administered online.   SAA does not certify PO or Scrum Master courses.

    • It’s open book/open browser exam.  

    • There is a 10-day window to complete, by midnight on the 10th day.   The window starting the day after class, unless otherwise specified by the SPCT when the roster is submitted.

    • If they don’t take or complete the exam by then, they may retake the exam in the next exam period (30 days and setup fee is $50).

    • We encourage a single sitting to complete the exam, but it can be taken over several days.  Each response is written to the database as you move from question to question.  However, if they leave the exam and return, they must forward through their already saved and completed answers.

    • Each exam has 50 multiple choice and true false questions.

Exam Results

  1. Results will be emailed, by SAA within 10 business days of the exam window closing.

  2. SPCTs, or whoever is listed, as "results emailed to” in the Excel file will receive the roster updated with pass/fail/no attempt labeled per attendee.  Also included is an Excel file of the feedback survey results.

  3. Then each attendee is emailed a pass or fail letter.  Instructions for logging into their SAA profile, certification printing or retake directions are included, respectively. 


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