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SAFe Program Consultant & Trainer (SPCT)


The SAFe Program Consultant Trainer Certification (SPCT) is the highest level of certification provided by Scaled Agile (SAI).

SAI established the SPCT program to provide a means of recognizing individuals who demonstrate superior knowledge, competency, and in-depth field experience in adopting Agile across an enterprise with the Scaled Agile Framework®.

SPCTs become the leading change agents and leaders in an organization’s Lean-Agile transformation and implementation.
What's more, SPCTs are the only ones authorized to train aspiring SAFe Program Consultants (SPCs).

Only SAI Gold Partners are eligible for this exclusive program and all certification service delivery must be under the auspices of the partner entity, brand, and quality promise.

Only SAI Gold Partners may recommend candidates for the SPCT Program, so if you believe that you are qualified to be an SPCT, and wish to apply for the program, you must do so through your Gold Partner sponsor or employer.

Experience & Education Requirements

SAI requires substantial education and work experience before a candidate may be considered for the SPCT program (click).
  • 15+ years software development industry experience
  • 5 years of Agile experience
  • 5 years of software development/programming experience, product management or product owner experience
  • Certifications, such as CST, CSM, CSPO, PMI/ACP, LKU, PSM, PMP
  • Bachelors or better Academic degree or equivalent in technology or business


The SPCT certification establishes the agile industry’s most rigorous standards and field requirements for practitioners of the Scaled Agile Framework®. In addition to the qualifications all SAFe Program Consultants (SPCs) must have, SPCT Candidates must have real world experience in implementing SAFe, including the following (click):
  1. Must work for or be sponsored by a Scaled Agile Gold Partner in good standing
  2. Lead 2 full SAFe ART Launches (including SAFe ScrumXP)
  3. Lead 2 I&A's at scale following PIs
  4. Teach Leading SAFe 4 times (multiple clients)
  5. Present high feedback results from clients
  6. Demonstrate your presentation skills and SAFe knowledge to Scaled Agile either through pairing at a Leading SAFe or ART Launch, or through a live webinar 
  7. Pair with an SAI Instructor on teaching an SPC class (post acceptance into the program)
  8. Participate and coach referenceable significant agile transformation(s) at scale
  9. Perform at least 160 hours of consulting services as an SPC during the prior twelve (12) month period (excluding time spent by such SPC undergoing training)
  10. Read the required reading list

Required Reading List
  • Principles of Product Development Flow
  • Five Dysfunctions of a Team 
  • The Phoenix Project
  • Agile Coaching (Davies)
  • Agile Software Requirements 
  • The Lean Machine
  • The Goal
  • Crossing the Chasm
  • Running Lean
  • Managing for Excellence
Additional Instructor Reading List
  • Drive
  • Lean Startup
  • Agile Business
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Essential Skills for Agile Developers
  • Lean Architecture
  • Lean UX
  • XP Explained: Second Edition

Certification Roadmap

In order to meet the high standards set by the SPCT Program, SAI conducts a comprehensive and meticulous application process that includes class attendance, an in-depth exam, evaluation, peer review, and mentoring from other SPCTs. Gaining an SPCT certification isn't easy - but then again, it's not meant to be (click).
  • Receive a recommendation and apply through your SAI Gold Partner to be considered for acceptance into the SPCT Program
  • The online form will walk you through the requirements to enter the program.
  • Apply now as seats are limited, but note that prerequisites must be met before you will be considered a Certified SPCT. Attend the SPCT Certification Class (next class is Dec 7-11, 2015 in Boulder, CO).
  • Applicants will be notified no later than November 1, 2015.
  • Pass the SPC exam with high marks
  • In addition to providing all of the necessary pre-requisites for the program:
    • Your performance on the SPC exam will be compared to the rest of your class
    • Quantitative peer review data gathered during your pairing with another SPC instructor is factored into where you need to improve to become an SPCT and in what areas you excel
    • Your overall qualifications and demonstrated expertise will be evaluated by the creator of SAFe, Dean Leffingwell
    • Acceptance into the SPCT program is subject final approval by Scaled Agile

Required Reading List
  • Principles of Product Development Flow
  • Crossing the Chasm
  • Drive
  • Lean Startup
  • Managing for Excellence
  • The Goal
  • Agile Business
  • Agile Coaching
  • Agile Software Requirements
  • Five Dysfunctions of a Team
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Essential Skills for Agile Developers
  • Lean Architecture
  • Lean UX
  • XP Explained: Second Edition
  • Project Phoenix

Benefits of SPCT Certification

Earning an SPCT certification entitles you to exclusive benefits including rights to hold SPC classes, courseware, branding, and more (click).
  • You can train and certify SPCs. International SPCTs may hold public and private SPC courses. Domestic (US) may hold private SPC classes.
  • Access to SPC courseware and the ability to act as an SPC certifying agent
  • Courseware content updates and previews into upcoming Scaled Agile Framework releases.
  • SPCT branding kit
  • Certified SPCT directory listing (Optional)
  • SPCT LinkedIn community membership

Annual Renewal

Renewals are from the date of certification. SPCTs are required to do the following to maintain their SPCT status (click):
  • Teach 4 SPC classes each year minimum
  • Launch 2 Agile Release Trains each year minimum
  • Obtain at least 40 hours of continuing education per year via reading recommended, webinars or other extended learning related to the SPCT subject matter 
  • Perform at least 160 hours of ongoing consulting services as an SPCT (not including above SPC classes)
  • Deliver a minimum of two public speaking events on SAFe per year
  • Continue to be sponsored by, or work for, a Scaled Agile Gold Partner in good standing.=
  • Continue to adhere to the code of conduct established in the SPCT Program
  • Pay the annual SPCT renewal fee
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